Tenancy Branch

  • Supervision of E-Dhara Kendra of Talukas in the District
  • પSupervision of R.T.S. Team
  • Appeal & Revision of Tenancy Cases Under Section 74 & section 76 of Tenancy Act
  • 100% Review Work of Order of Mamltdar & ALT under tenancy Act.
  • Appeal Under Agriculture Land Ceiling Act.1960
  • Court Cases (High court , Supreme Court), GRT & Correspondence with Government
  • Giving Opinion in NA Cases , Premium Cases and "Jat Inam” Cases
  • Permission under Sec. 63 of Tenancy Act. and Certificate under 63AA of the said Act for Bonafide Industrial purpose
  • For Permission of Sec.63 and 63AA
    • Make a Proposal with all required documents , One origional and three Zerox Set in Jan Sewa kendra
  • Giving Permission under Sec.65(B) of Land Revenue Code.

Tenancy Branch

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