Records Branch

Classification of all the important files in the computer program, data collection and saving of files, purchase of stamps for public service center and tender related work for rendering non-functional operations, computer maintenance and Xerox, and all the bills approved during the year, casual bills are done.

Records Branch Activities

  • Data entry of computers in computer programs as per the classification of files of all the branches and operation of files (Establishment, Chitnish, Legal, Tenacity, DC, Accounting, Disaster, Assurance, Supply, Alien Recovery, Mid day Meal, Municipal Corporation, All the branches of Entertainment
  • Dead-stock operation (destruction, purchase and repairs operation)
  • Indent (Gandhinagar and Rajkot) for carrying stationery and allotment of all branches
  • Class-IV employee driver / leopard hot uniforms, clothing, umbrellas, boots and stitches
  • Filling and distribution of ball pen, diary, calendar indent to the employees
  • Work of telephone bills (Collector, Additional Collector, Deputy Collector, Protocol, No. MM.Shri Protocol)
  • Work of copying and day-to-day operations
  • Disposal of application under RTI and all branches Work of taking and depositing fees under RTI
  • Work related to public service
  • Tender related work to hire Computer Maintenance and Xerox; Operation of approval of all the bills during the year.
  • Work of contract for fashions of A, B class and D class files.
  • The operation and maintenance of stationery and furniture purchase and distribution and the maintenance of the register
  • Grant allotment and purchase operations to all the complainant whenever the grant is allotted for equipment and furniture under LND-10
  • Deposits to be deposited in Junk furniture of old deadstock in the collector's office and its disposal
  • All kinds of contracts related bills and casual bills
  • Administrative service related to public service and e-field center under e-service society.
    • All types of cost of e-Seva Society (monthly grant allotment to Mamlatdhars and payment of all types of purchases, and public charges of public service and e-field center, payment of security expenses, public utility light bills and tax bills, forms of public service, government press release, and forms The payment of its bills)
    • Process of Tendering for the service of the service provider for public service and e-Dhar
    • The appointment of consultant and auditor (process of tender) and audit performance
    • Data Entry Operator, Office Assistant (Patta), Vehicle Driver (Driver) - Tendering Function - Payroll and allowances of the district manager

Records Branch

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