Mid Day Meal Branch

In this branch Three Dy. Mamlatadar are working on the three Table : (1) Administration (2) Account & Establishment (3) Stock

Branch Activities

  • All Works Assign by D.C. and Supervision of branch in absence of D. C.
  • Disposal of all applications and Complains against the organizer of MDM center.
  • Suddenly inspection of MDM centers as per target of 20 Centers in a month.
  • Operation of "BALNIDHI”.
  • Providing utensils, Gas connection, kitchen cum shed at all MDM centres
  • Supervision of inward, Outward, and stationery in branch
  • Supervision of All registered maintained in branch as D.O. letter Register, inward, Outward Register, R.T.I. register, Service Stamp Register, LAQ Register, etc….
  • Disposal of all RTI applications received in branch
  • Prepare all monthly and quarterly schedule .
  • Supervision of Online website data entry and "MIS” data entry.
  • Preparation of all monthly, quarterly and state level Meeting and "Video Conference”
  • Operation of Recruitment for 11 months contractual based of "MDM DISTRICT PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR” and "MDM SUPERVISOR”
  • Operation of "NGO” contract. Assign and renew.
  • Disposal of applications during period of april- 2002 to march-2010 under disturb area act.
  • Compilation with all talukas and prepare all information required by head office.
  • operation of new mdm centre
  • Distribution of Rice & Wheat at all taluka’s for MDM centers and get utilization Certificate from taluka’s and go down manager of civil supply corporation
  • Inspection of MDM stock in go down
  • Prepare monthly information of saving stock at MDM center
  • Reconciliation of pulse and oil certificate with stock statement of go down manager and send to Head Office.
  • Select file DSM city manager’s handing chargers bill.
  • Disposal of complain about online MDM stock .
  • To keep attention at MDM stock available in time in go down and disposal of any question for MDM stock.
  • Demand of MDM stock and distribution stock work if demanded by STP school studying children
  • Reconciliation of MDM stock statement and saving stock. And prepare QPR statement and Annual work plan.
  • Prepare schedule of stock table and Annexure-I and II
  • Inspection of RO with wheat/rice MDM stock bill received from FCI and lab test report and gating certificate for bill permission and do.
  • All Works Assign by D.C. and Supervision of branch in absence of D. C.
  • Allocation pulse and Oil to block according to beneficiaries students
  • Prepare Statement 1- 4 of MDM beneficiaries students
  • Prepare order DSM city managers handling charges bill and keep file latest.
  • Disposal of complain application of MDM stock quality received from block
  • Take specimen of MDM stock quality and give information to block for checking.
  • Allocation grant and expenditure statement
  • To maintain cashbook, cheque register, bill register, present register, Telephone register,
  • Work of MDM establishment account file
  • Work of D.C. bill
  • Monthly statement of account and QPR, and Annual work plan
  • Audit Para and inspection notes
  • Reconciliation work with A.G. Audit , Rajkot
  • All Works Assign by D.C. and Supervision of branch in absence of D. C.

Mid Day Meal Branch

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