Disaster Management Branch

Different type of disaster related assistance fire, Earth quake assistance, flood victims assistance, Mass, casualties assistance, & other disaster related financial assistance disbursed to affected persons through DDO, SDM/ MAMLATDAR, Work of communication among taluka to district to state control room .

Brief of Branch activities.

  • Assistance disbursement, like death assistance, injury assistance, house damage, earning assets, house hold/ utensils, cattle death assistance, through DDO, SDM/ MAMLATDAR. Assistance disbursements to the victims of earth quake 2001,
  • High Court Matters/Others Court Matters, related works.
  • Co-ordination among taluka-district-state during accident/ major calamities.
  • activation of round the clock emergency response flood control room.
  • Work of Disaster Risk management program implemented by GSDMA.
    • Search & rescue training for response groups
    • First aid training for different level state holders
    • Awareness generation programs
    • Different level disaster management plans.
    • Gujarat school safety program.
    • Apada Mitra project activities.
    • NCRMP related activities,
    • Different types of Disaster related Mock drills

Disaster Management

Disaster Management Branch
Disaster Branch Information

Rainfall Reading Patrak (તાલુકાવાર દૈનિક વરસાદનાં આંકડા દર્શાવતા પત્રક (મી.મી.))

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