P.R.O. Branch

1. To give proper guidence to the Applicants coming to the Collector office,To give newspapers’ information cutouts,To process RTI Applications and RTI appeals,Transfer RTI applications to the concern Public Information Officer, Execution of people’s problems and to conduct grievance programme .

Branch Activities

  • P.R.O. is consultation branch of Collectorate Ahmedabad,In which people get best and proper direction or advice.
  • The information related to the Collector office or any other important news notified in the local or national newspaper are collected and put into reading to the Collector Sir.
  • The process of RTI Application and Appeal is conducted by P.R.O.branch.

State and District Swagat- District coordination Programme :

  • District Swagat Programme is held on fourth Thursday of every month.Under this programme complints of citizens are being handled.
  • Attempts are being made to coordinate the district’s issues and increase efficency in the administrative sector.

District coordination Programme :

  • The meeting of District coordination committee is held on the third Saturday of every month.
  • People’s complaints/applications are being solved under the Lok fariyad Programme.
  • Online comlaints/applications received from the office of Prime Minister are resolved.
  • The complaints/applications are also resolved throgh Email and Twitter.

P.R.O. Branch

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