Chitnish Branch

"Chitnish" is a Marathi word, meaning thereby a secretary to. As a class-II revenue officer he/she functions in Collectorate as a Chitnish to collector and assists higher / superior officers in decision making process.

Key Functions

  • To deal with the Matters related to Land Revenue Code, 1879 and allied acts and rules there under.
  • Any other work assigned by superior authority.

This is the key branch of Collectorate which deals with the matters related to Land in the district. The major functions of this branch are as under :

Key Functions

  • To Give Non Agriculture Permissions under sections 65, 65(A), 65(B), 66 and 67 of the Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879.
  • Fixation of Land Price in the District Land Valuation Committee.
  • To Give Non Agriculture Permission.
  • Granting of Land to eligible Institutes/ Individuals.
  • To Grant Land for Charitable and Social Purposes to the Educational/ Social Institutes, School, Hostel etc.
  • Conversion of Land Tenure (New Tenure to Old Tenure) for urban area.
  • Granting of Land to lease for fruits & trees.
  • Granting Land for Guachar.
  • Encroachment of Government land. & Guachar.
  • Convert Government land & Guachar into Gamtal.
  • To Grant land on lease to Handicapped person for STD/PCO Booth.
  • To Grant land for Residential purpose to Government Servant/Handicapped & Ex-serviceman.
  • Transferring of land to Other Department for different purposes.
  • Granting Revenue free land in Public Interest for eg.P.H.C.
  • S.I.T (Special Investigation Team) related to Land Matters

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