Additional Chitnish Branch


Supervision of all work of branch, functioning of government programs and celebration of cultural days, land acquisition and the functioning of anonymity, the death of the freedom fighters, the payment of assistance and grants allotment to the widow / elderly are appealed.

Branch Activities

  • Branch work / ADM operation
  • સોલેશ્યમ ફંડના કેસમાં વળતર / સહાય આપવા અંગેની કામગીરી
  • To planning of the tour programme of Hon. Governor, Hon. Chief Minister and Hon. Ministers
  • o inform concern officers for the preparation of tour programme of Hon. President and Hon. Vice president.
  • Celebration of Govt. programs and Cultural activities.
    • Republic day
    • Independence day
    • kite festival
    • Navratri festival
    • Swarnim Gujarat
    • Agriculture and forest festival
    • Celebration of Tourism year and Nirmal Gujarat
    • Preparation for Women’s day
    • Agriculture census
    • Celebration of all other programs which are decided from time to time by government
  • Cheque related work of District collector.
  • Allocation of Govt. Telephones and Reservation of govt. guest house.
  • Work on payment of the amount of money laundered for the Indians who died abroad
  • Send life span of MLA to Govt.
  • To prepare the proposal for all type of awards.
  • Related work of National Flag.
  • olatium fund scheme Assistance..
  • To give collector certificate instead of P.M Report in case of accidental Death.
  • Maintenance appeal cases.
  • Stamp Refund cases.
  • To prepare proposal of freedom fighter and dependent pension.
  • Related work for Govt. vehicles.
  • To give medical reimbursement to freedom fighter and dependant
  • To give Distance certificate to the post.
  • Verification of caste certificate.
  • To give medical reimbursement to govt. employee.
  • To prepare proposal for National award and pension of any athlete.
  • To prepare proposal for Gujarat Garima Award.
  • Related work of Land acquisition.
  • Related work of Eveque property.
  • Related work of Enemy property.
  • GETCO cases.

Additional Chitnish Branch

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